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  1. Upon accepting the invitation to sing in the upcoming project, singers must agree to all mandatory rehearsals and concerts. Although informal rehearsals are not mandatory, singers are expected to attend at least three as a "checkpoint" for their preparation. Arrangements for exceptions can be made with discretion of the Artistic Director.

  2. Singers are expected to print provided music for their own use, or they may pick up copies at informal rehearsals.

  3. Upon accepting the invitation to sing in the upcoming project, singers must maintain consistent communication with either the Artistic Director or the section leaders. It is understood that the rehearsals during the concert week are mandatory and must take priority, and if any conflicts arise, the singer must communicate said conflicts as soon as possible. Because singers are notified of the rehearsal and concert schedule two to three months in advance, singers are expected to sort out all work conflicts with employers.  

  4. If a singer must back out of the entire commitment after accepting the invitation, the singer must write a formal letter to the Artistic Director. Otherwise, this will jeopardize not only the singer's reputation in the choral music world, but it will also jeopardize the credibility of the singer's professional reference.

  5. Understand that by the first rehearsal of each project, there will be absolutely no one sight-reading music. Upon accepting the invitation to sing in this upcoming project, the singer agrees to learning the entire program either privately/independently or at the offered note-learning sessions. We offer every resource for you to succeed.

  6. Because Choral Audacity is neither paying singers to be part of Choral Audacity, nor offering the program for grade or credit, we may not enforce additional expectations on the ensemble. We can only limit membership and restrict reference/recommendations.

  7. Singers are encouraged to promote the ensemble within social media, engaging the community, and posting concert flyers.

  8. Full musical directorship is granted to all appointed principal members/section leaders. Singers agree to follow the leadership of all appointed principals.

  9. Choral Audacity is not held liable for any accidents or damage that occurs during the course of a project session.

  10. During the tail end of this Pandemic, it is also understood that group singing is a super spreader. Singers must take measures to maintain good health and prevent the spread of COVID-19. Because of HIPAA violations, we may not require you to be vaccinated, but we may recommend it since singing is a high-risk activity.

Electronic Agreement

We look forward to making music with you!

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