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JULY 2019 | Photo by Carl Retorca

CHORAL AUDACITY is a new chamber choir advocating for diversity and inclusion within its singers and choral repertoire. Empowering underserved singers of color and giving pre-professionals the opportunity to work and be treated as professionals.

Founded the summer of 2018, director Darita Seth had a few aspirations in mind: create a competition level chamber ensemble, form an Asian-Pacific Islander community choir for those still seeking a high-level choir after high school or choir, and create a safe-space for those very same singers to talk about their ethnic similarities and differences. CHORAL AUDACITY is an attempt to blend all of those ideas.

CHORAL AUDACITY contacts versatile singers from diverse ethnic backgrounds and choral upbringings to perform music of the renaissance, world music, pop, gospel and more. The ensemble also seeks to shine a light on under-represented choral composers.

CHORAL AUDACITY is a project-based ensemble with a large roster of singers from all over the US. Months prior to each choral project, 24-40 singers (6-10 sopranos, 6-10 altos, 6-10 tenors, and 6-10 basses) are contacted to participate in the rehearsal/concert week. The ensemble does not rehearse regularly, but rehearses with a few days prior to each choral project. The ensemble you see at one concert may not be the same ensemble you see at the next concert.

Lastly, CHORAL AUDACITY would like to make charitable donations to choral students who struggle to have the means to pay dues to their programs, purchase their performance attire, or may not have enough to go on tour with their school groups. Through generous concert proceeds, CHORAL AUDACITY will continue to find ways to ease the financial burden of allowing a singer to follow his/her dreams.

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